University of Florence students visit Cologne for first pilot of EUniWell’s Teacher Education Arena

03/29/2023 | by Silvia Mugnaini, Chiara Funari | Cologne Mobility Participation Teacher Education Students

From 13-17 March, students from different EUniWell universities (Florence, Linnaeus, Cologne, Semmelweis, and Nantes), studying to become teachers and educators, joined the first training course proposed by the EUniWell Teacher Education Arena. The intensive training was titled “International & inclusive teacher education with a focus on STEM-education: from the Maritime Rhine Station and Science Lab to local Cologne schools”.

Nine people standing in front of the Ecological Rhine Station of the University of Cologne.
The group of students from the University of Florence, Linnaeus University, Nantes Université and Semmelweis University at the Ecological Rhine Station of the University of Cologne.
A group of people standing on the Ecological Rhein Station of the University of Cologne.
The Teacher Education Arena group, PhD candidates and students from the Universities of Florence, Cologne and Nantes (André Breges, Virginia Torres, Alexandra Holtti, Giovanna Del Gobbo, Chiara Funari, Ruth Till, Francesco De Maria, Donna Dawkins, Silvia Mugnaini, Silvia Cremone, Daniela Frison, Juan Antonio Solis Becerra, Ángela Almela Sánchez-Lafuente, Jan Springob, Jannik Henze, Lena Chiron, Sofia Materassi) on the Ecological Rhein Station.
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From 13-17 March, students from the University of Florence visited the Ecological Rhine Station and Science Lab of the University of Cologne together with colleagues  from the Universities of Linnaeus (Sweden), Cologne (Germany), Semmelweis (Hungary), and Nantes (France). The event was organised by EUniWell’s Teacher Education Arena. 

Within EUniWell, the Teacher Education Arena is working with the aim of shaping and supporting the education and training of future European teachers. The Arena is coordinated by Giovanna Del Gobbo of the University of Florence. The event, coordinated locally by André Breges and Jan Springob (University of Cologne), provided the participating students with the opportunity to design and carry out scientific experiments specifically aimed at learners with special educational needs. During the training, the students were supported by PhD candidates and young researchers from the University of Cologne and under the supervision of professors from the Teacher Education Arena. The participants reflected on the experience and its relevance for their professional development throughout. They also visited different schools in the City of Cologne and had the opportunity to compare the uniqueness of different education systems, their critical issues and their educational good practices.

With these experiential training opportunities offered to students, the Teacher Education Arena is testing educational models for future teachers with an international perspective. The final goal is the definition of a potential European curriculum for teacher education that takes into account the current challenges related to the topics of inclusion, well-being and sustainability. In fact, during this pilot, the Teacher Education Arena worked on monitoring and evaluating the learning objectives developed by the participants to formulate professional standards for teachers. 

Finally, the results of the EUniWell Seed Funding Project SecWell “Second Career Teachers Well-being: toward non-traditional professional development strategies” were shared with the other Teacher Education Arena members and the pilot participants to collect further input on the motivations why individuals choose teaching as a second career and to develop guidance strategies to address professional needs in Italy, Germany and England.

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