University of Florence to receive funding for eight research projects related to COVID-19

07/14/2021 | by University of Florence | Corona Florence Health Viral Diseases

The Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research supports eight COVID-related research projects, either led or co-led by the University of Florence.

Graphic of the SARS-CoV-2 virion.
Covid-related research projects by the University of Florence have successfully secured MIUR funding. Image source: EUniWell

In 2020, the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research (MIUR) responded to new needs arising from the pandemic by setting up the Special Integrative Research Fund (FISR 2020) to finance research related to COVID-19. Under FISR 2020 (first phase), eight projects from the University of Florence (Unifi), successfully secured ministerial funding in the areas of Life Sciences, Physics and Engineering as well as Social Sciences and Humanities. In five of the eight funded Unifi projects, the University is the lead or sole investigator, in the other three it is a partner. Of a total of 2,559 proposals, 88 were submitted by the University of Florence. More than 1,300 experts were involved in the proposal evaluation with 8,136 evaluations obtained.  

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, the University’s researchers have sought to make an effective contribution and to provide answers to the many issues opened up by the health and non-health emergency,” commented the University of Florence’s Vice-President for Research, Marco Bindi. “The MIUR funding of almost 10 % of the projects presented by Unifi is testimony to the quality of our research, which stands out on a national level in terms of planning and alignment with the needs of the historical moment we are living in.”

In the area of Life Sciences, the University was granted funding for four of its proposals (in three of which it is the leading investigator) to develop research dedicated to combatting the COVID-19 virus. In the area of Physics and Engineering, a project to statistically measure mortality in Italy in 2020 has been approved. Finally, there are three funded projects in the area of Social Sciences and Humanities dealing with pandemic-related topics and innovations in schools and culture.

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