University of Florence wins European Language Label for Well-BeIntercomprehension project

03/28/2023 | by Hugues Sheeren | Florence Seed Funding Call

The Language Center (CLA) of the University of Florence received the European Language Label award for its Well-BeIntercomprehension project. Financed through the EUniWell Seed Funding Programme, Well-BeIntercomprehension ranked among the top winners.

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The Well-BeIntercomprehension project aims to expand the field of intercomprehension and to teach strategies that enable mutual understanding between twelve languages from two different language families: the Romance and Germanic languages. Led by Hugues Sheeren (French and IC teacher) and encouraged by CLA President Annick Farina, Well-BeIntercomprehension comprised staff from four universities in the EUniWell network: the University of Florence, Linnaeus University, Nantes Université and Semmelweis University. Together they developed methods and materials to foster understanding between twelve languages using specially scripted videos, audios, texts, exercises and charts.

In the spirit of the project, project lead Hugues Shereen emphasises in four languages: “Un projet en faveur de la diversità linguistica e culturale  porché el mundo  spreekt niet slechts één taal!”

The European Language Label is an award for initiatives which apply new techniques in the field of language learning and teaching, as well as enhancing intercultural awareness across Europe. Created by the European Commission, the European Language Label is given to innovative methods that have proven to be effective in furthering and spreading knowledge of the numerous languages that exist within the EU.

The Label is bestowed annually to those projects that stand out thanks to their innovation and their contribution to the enhancement of language teaching standards. 

The European Language Label is accorded by each EU Member State and third countries associated with Erasmus+. In Italy this award is managed by the Indire, Inapp and Erasmus+ agencies. This year, 2023, twelve initiatives within Italy were accorded the Label, out of 38 accepted candidatures. Congratulations to the Well-BeIntercomprehension group and the other European Language Label winners!

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