EUniWell Open Lecture Series: “Soli-Data-Rity”


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As part of the EUniWell Open Lecture Series, Dr. Pierre-Antoine Gourraud spoke on “Soli-Data-Rity - use of data for personalised medicine” on Thursday, 12 May 2022.

A portrait of Dr. Pierre-Antoine Gourraud
Dr. Pierre-Antoine Gourraud

Lecturer: Dr. Pierre-Antoine Gourraud
Related EUniWell Arena: 1) Health and Well-being


About this lecture:

Use of data for personalised medicine (immunology, genetics and computerised health data processing)

The ever lower cost of recording, storing, and accessing data in a secure manner, and the availability of on-demand computational power create new opportunities for traditional knowledge-based activities including biomedical research. The articulation between medical centres and universities in “health & well-being” is at the crossroads of both personal use of data and multiple contributions to the data value chain. These data transformations illustrate how a new  solidarity based on data sharing in the society can emerge: a Soli-data-rity.

Research background:

Dr. Pierre-Antoine Gourraud is a university professor and hospital practitioner in cell biology at Nantes University Hospital and former associate professor at the University of California.

His research activities focus on immunology, genetics and computerised health data processing. In 2008, he created Methodomics, a French company dedicated to statistical analysis and the implementation of algorithms in Biology. Since 2015, he has been directing the Centre for Research in Immunology and Transplantation, a joint research unit created by INSERM and Nantes Université. Since April 2018, he has been working on a new hospital service dedicated to the treatment of clinical data at Nantes University Hospital, the “clinical data centre”, which ensures that the data is securely and anonymously used for research purposes.

This lecture took place within the framework of FestiWell 2022.


This lecture was part of the EUniWell Open Lecture Series. Find the full programme here.