EUniHuLi’s Symposium of Closure

06/01/2022 to 07/01/2022

EUniHuLi Online EUniWell-Event

On 6 - 7 January the EUniHuLi’s symposium of closure will take place. During the event, each partner university will exchange information about what has been done and discuss further collaboration.

The picture shows a blurred out image of a person using a laptop in the background. In the middle the text "Online symposium: EuniHuli (Human Literacy)" is written.

EUniHuLi (Instilling “Human Literacy” into our Educational Processes) is part of the “Exploring new Territories in Academic Development” project, selected in the framework of the first Seed Funding Call launched by EUniWell in 2020.

The partners are the University of Birmingham, Leiden University, Linnaeus University, the University of Nantes and Semmelweis University. During this symposium, each member university involved will meet for the project closure, and discuss further collaboration involving educational development support structures.

The project EUniHuLi aims to explore new areas of educational development linked to the inclusive approach and Human Literacy in higher education by collecting good practices in the participating six universities. 

Find more information about the symposium programme here.

Day 1 : 6 January 

  • 9:00 (CET) / 8:00 (GMT): Official welcome
  • 9:00-11:00 (CET) / 8:00-10:00 (GMT):  Workshop No. 1 ‘‘Finalising  the collection of thematic workshops’’ (Workshop leader: Leiden University)
  • 11:30-12.30 (CET) / 10:30-11:30 (GMT): Social activity online (in preparation)
  • 14:00-16:00 (CET) / 13:00-15:00 (GMT): Workshop No. 2 ‘‘Encourage community in digital environment, interactions, sense of belonging using design thinking and instructional design methods’’ (Workshop leader: University of Nantes)

Day 2: 7 January

  • 9:15-11:45 (CET) / 8:15-10:15 (GMT): Conference and discussion ‘‘How to deal with "fake news" in a scientific context at the University ?’’ 

Keynote speaker: Pr. Michelle Bergadaà, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Geneva - Co-founder and President of the Institute for Research and Action on Fraud and Plagiarism in the Academic Environment (IRAFPA) - President of the OVSM Association - President of the FERE Foundation

The keynote is an open event, you can register HERE ! 

  • 13:30-15:00 (CET) / 12:30-14:00 (GMT) (by invitation only): Workshop No. 3 - Continuation of collaborations ‘‘What can we share and develop together in connection with work package 2 (training and education)?’’ (Workshop leader : University of Birmingham)