University of Nantes

The University of Nantes, founded in 1961 in its present form, is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary university with 37,000 students in 20 faculties, in technology, humanities and sciences. It has a strong focus on excellence in teaching and research and two fields of priority in health and industry of the future. Nantes University is ranked amongst the top 200 universities that contribute the most actively to sustainable development objectives addressed by the United Nations (THE university impact rankings) and amongst the top 100 Reuters ranking for Europe most innovative universities.

Some highlights:

  • Halle 6 or how to invest brownfields into the 21st century university? This interdisciplinary university centre dedicated to digital cultures at the University of Nantes is based in Halle 6 West, in the heart of the Quartier de la Création, on the Island of Nantes (Île de Nantes). This place of experimentation for "the university of tomorrow" is unique in France and proposes a new pedagogy around digital. It aims to be the spearhead of creative frictions in Nantes.
  • Fil'Innov project: Led at the regional level, Filinnov aims to provide universities in the region “Pays de la Loire” with an organization in innovation streams (9 streams defined on the basis of the economic streams of the territory) following three main objectives: 1) optimize visibility of skills, 2) foster partnerships and 3) improve the detection and monitoring of research work
  • Capacités is the private subsidiary of the University of Nantes, specializing in the engineering of innovative projects. It is dedicated to the exploitation of research, and is the permanent interface between the innovation needs of socio-economic actors and laboratory resources.

Facts & Figures

  • Students: 37,000
  • Educators & Staff: 3,750
  • Departments & Laboratories: 20 departments, 63 laboratories
  • Campuses: 7 in Nantes, Saint Nazaire, and La Roche Sur Yon

EUniWell responsible persons

Prof. Isabelle Richard (Vice-President for Europe and International)

Prof. Olivier Grasset (Vice-President for Research and Open Science)

Elise Lindner (Project Coordinator)

Maxence Boutet (Project Manager)

Dr. Sandra Lepeltier (Project Manager - Research training academy)

Justine Le Garsmeur (Communications Officer)

Contact: euniwell[at]