First EUniWell Sustainability Forum - Building a European Green Community beyond borders

11/29/2022 | by Elodie Bernard | Environment Nantes Participation Students Sustainability

The first EUniWell Sustainability Forum in Nantes ended with the creation of the “EUniWell Green Students Community”. From 15-16 November, the Forum gathered 14 students from EUniWell universities to develop concrete action plans around the question “How can we reduce the carbon footprint of universities?”.

Participants of the EUniWell Sustainability Forum at Nantes Université.
Students working together during the EUniWell Sustainability Forum..
A group of students in front of a building of Nantes Université.

Two projects for a tangible impact

The first EUniWell Sustainability Forum just concluded in Nantes. The event gathered 14 students from different European countries, providing them with an opportunity to meet, discuss and act around a common goal: reducing the carbon footprint of universities.

During this Forum, students shared their unique perspective on sustainability, and worked on two ideas during a hackathon. The two ideas selected by students were: 

  1. the creation of a campus-based Reuse – Repair – Relax space and 
  2. a revegetation project using endemic species on campuses. 

The students worked together and engaged in discussions and activities to develop an action plan for each idea, aimed at producing actionable and realistic ideas to implement the two projects locally at EUniWell campuses.

An interdisciplinary approach to sustainability

The participating students all had different perspectives and different specialities, bringing together a multi-disciplinary approach to the topics of climate change and sustainability. 

“The EUniWell Sustainability Forum brought together students from different countries and specialities. Our common passion for Sustainability quickly created a strong sense of community. Sustainability is such a massive topic on a global scale. It was important to discuss how we can have an impact on an individual and community level.” Karina, University of Birmingham.

The students reflected on how to integrate sustainable development into a diverse array of disciplines and within the communities. This approach is crucial to further advance the studies on sustainability, as all aspects of society are potentially impacted by climate change. Thus, the research on sustainability should extend beyond the traditional field of ecology.  

During the Forum, the students also visited the Green Campus of Nantes Université, located at La Roche Sur Yon. They were welcomed on site by passionate teachers and students who presented the various initiatives happening on the campus, including a kitchen garden, a micro-forest, a solidarity grocery and a seed library.

A European Green Community

This event was an opportunity to deepen the collaboration between universities and between students, develop their network and encourage European teamwork on this topic.

“To be part of a group of students representing many countries and various points of view, it is very inspiring and exciting. It expands our horizon – and our hope.” Arthur, Nantes Université.

The EUniWell Sustainability Forum actively engaged our students, paving the way for the future generation to lead the way on how to effectively tackle the global challenge of climate change. This initiative supports and develops student learning opportunities and leadership capabilities in the field of sustainability. The 14 students are now the first members of the “EUniWell Green Community” and will be encouraged to share their experience with their peers, activating a European network committed to sustainability and international cooperation.


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