Italian Language Course (B1)

24/03/2023 to 26/05/2023

University of Florence Online EUniWell-Event

The Language Centre (CLA UniFi) at the University of Florence is offering a B1 Italian course open to EUniWell members wanting to earn a micro-credential.

The picture shows a young woman with headphones sitting in front of a laptop.

The course aims to help students consolidate and improve their written and oral comprehension skills up to B1 level in Italian L2. The course pays particular attention to the linguistic correlations that characterise the texts (typology, structure, lexicon, syntax, etc.).

The learning objectives will be achieved through guided text analysis, covering various areas of study, with an in-depth grammatical and lexical analysis. By the end of the course, students will be able to understand texts of medium complexity, distinguish between different text types, identify their peculiarities, and will have developed B1-level listening comprehension.

Upon completion of the final test based on B1 reading comprehension, students will be awarded an open badge (a shareable digital badge) that enhances their resume and validates their unique skills.

Course details

The course will run for a total of 30 hours, from 24 March until 26 May 2023, with one 3-hour lesson per week.
Lessons will be conducted online by an Italian native speaker teacher.


UniFi participants can enrol on the CLA website:
Participants from EUniWell universities can enrol via email to infoitaliano[at]
Enrolment is free of charge.

Further information

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